What is a Membership Plan?

We believe that everyone deserves to have dental care. Dental insurance can cost hundreds a month, can be a hassle to qualify for, and even if you have it, you could still pay hundreds out-of-pocket in co-pays! For most people, it’s not a realistic option when you have a full plate of bills already!

Our solution for that is offering our patients a Membership Plan! It’s an alternative to dental insurance that saves patients money monthly, PLUS lets them receive the quality care they deserve! 

To appeal to the needs of all our patients, we off dental AND periodontal plans. We understand everyone has different oral needs, and by offering two plans, nobody will be left out of the care they need to maintain good oral health. Dental Renaissance believes dental health IS health.

Why Should I Have A Membership Plan?

We want to offer the best to our patients! When you sign up for a membership plan through Dental Renaissance, you’ll receive benefits that most insurance holders don’t get.

Some of the many benefits you can look forward to are:

    • No waiting periods
    • No yearly maximums
    • No deductibles
    • Flat monthly fee or one flat yearly fee
    • No hidden cost
    • Membership holders can receive discounts on additional services

Dental Membership Plan

Our dental membership plan is perfect for adults and children with moderate dental needs. It includes everything you need for your yearly oral maintenance!


When you purchase the dental plan, you will receive:

    • Two dental cleanings
    • Two doctor exams 
    • Unlimited necessary x-rays
    • One emergency visit
    • Two fluoride treatments(included in children's plan)
    • 20% off all other treatments 


We offer a flat monthly or yearly rate for adults and children, so your entire family could benefit from our plans!

Periodontal Membership Plan

We offer the Periodontal Membership so those that have more complex dental needs can still receive the care they deserve! Having periodontitis won’t stop you from being able to afford keeping up with your health.

When you purchase the Periodontal Membership plan, you will receive:

    • Two exams
    • One emergency visit
    • Three periodontal maintenance visits
    • Two fluoride treatments
    • Three oral cancer screenings
    • Three periodontal screenings
    • All necessary x-rays
    • 20% off additional treatments

When choosing the periodontal plan, you pay one flat yearly fee! No hidden charges or surprise co-pays.

Monthly- $33
Yearly- $360

Monthly- $30
Yearly- $320

Yearly- $599

How Do I Sign Up?

Dental Renaissance cares about every one of our patients. Providing an alternative care plan for those without dental insurance, or who want to avoid costly co-pays, means everyone can put their health first.

When you’re ready to make your oral health a priority while saving money, then your next step is signing up for your membership plan! 

We make it easy by having the fill-out form below! If you have more questions about our membership plans, or which plan is right for you, you can call us at (972)-752-2855 and our educated team member will walk you through any questions you may have!